About Me

My interest in holistic health began when I reversed my own illnesses with better eating habits and a balanced lifestyle. Over the years, I have seen the difference listening to one’s body and making better choices has made in my family’s vitality. I am a wife and mom of 2. Our whole family is plant-powered! I have a degree in Psychology and in Natural Nutrition.

I have a special interest in plant-based whole foods nutrition. As a holistic nutritionist, I especially enjoy working not only with vegan and vegetarian clients, but also those who are incorporating more plant-based meals into their daily lives. I have first-hand experience with food sensitivities and gluten-free eating. I know how to meal plan for kids, families, and picky eaters.

Fun fact: As a child, I was very fussy and strongly disliked most vegetables until my early twenties. I am now an adventurous eater and a vegetable-lover. There is hope for picky eaters!

Be sure to check out Recipes and Resources. This site is a work in progress, in my blog you’ll soon find posts about lifestyle, nutrition, and more.

Denise Massie, B.Sc., R.H.N.